Thursday, January 25, 2007

I saw her today at the reception in her glass was a bleeding man she was practiced at the art of deception well I could tell by her blood-stained hand

So Mon-Wed?
18 hours totalled on amtrak.
36 hours totalled in Pittsburgh.
So I basically spent half the amt of time I was in Pittsburgh on a train.
Was it worth it?
No, it was. It was a nice vacation before I am thrown into my THIRD job- at Kaplan and I am booked up until I die/ pay off my student loans.

Especially since the vacation was essentially me and ben lying in his bed for 36 hours watching dr. katz, duckman, the office, house, and family guy. It was like an iv of my favorite television shows with basically with a person who, half a decade ago (jesus has it been that long? I'm ooold) I would have given my right arm to have just talk to me.

He's got the cutest fucking dog too.

So after really fucked up sleep schedules, train rides FOREVER (even though they were really pretty), I had to work last night at the bar like, the second I got home. It was Ty's band and James Cooper's performance art night. Not too bad actually. Matty got a girlfriend and blew up my spot but I still love him. James' piece was not as bad as every other performance art thing I've seen at the store. He titled it "Goodbye to Goodbye Blue Monday".
At the end of the night this guy who was drinking sake at the bar asked if i was an actress and I was like "uh, nope. Not at all" and he was all "wanna be in my video installation piece?" and I was all "SKETCHY!"
But I gave him my email address and he sent me a link for his previous stuff, which I cant watch with sound on because Im at work, but it LOOKS okay.
Plus he says he'll pay me ("more than most acting gigs") and why not? I have one line and pull someone out of a dough machine. How hard could it be?

Also, a leaf off of one of those GORGEOUS flower lamps broke and steve gave me the lamp for my room! ITS SO FUCKING GORGEOUS!
Pictures soon.

You cant always get what you want
you cant always get what you want

but if you try sometimes
well you just might find

you get what you need

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