Sunday, December 17, 2006

So I was totally not lying about the "best actress" buzz

Guess the studio is really pushing hard for Laura Dern. And by "studio" I mean "just david lynch" because he financed this whole thing by himself. Sitting with a cow at a busy LA intersection really reminds people how Laura Dern is a good actress. No it makes sense. I SWEAR TO GOD.
Caught up on Season 3 of guess what (hint: rhymes with Mouse, MV). When commenting on spousal abuse comment on Futurama, Ariella said "maybe the guy has a tumor pressing into his pineal gland and shooting off bits of adreneline to his nervous system" which is good because now we can be fake doctors together!

Man I can not WAIT to get back to NY either. Its weird how much time I have to spend away from there. I get kind of depressed thinking about it actually, so I won't. Goodbye dreams of sunny san fran during winter term! I will NEVER be able to afford it, plus I have to work my ass off at either Narrowstep (no more half-days because they dont have work for me) or get another part time job to help with it, or get another full-time job and give up this awesome opportunity. Then again, lately its just felt like nothing's going on at the office and I feel like I've gotten as much as I can out of it..........maybe I should move on.
Who knows.
Also: is there a cure for restless leg syndrome? Because I've been getting it a lot recently. Used to be when I took over the counter sleeping medications like Benodryl (what, like it has another purpose?) but lately I just get it all the time. Man, someone call me a diagnostician, stat!

I need to get over this stupid tv show. Why can't it start sucking, like Lost? Instead they bring in David Morse.

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