Sunday, November 19, 2006

Talking to Sasha about my dream, and pictures of Zach with buddy

videodru: the only problem is, what do you do about the sweet ladies?!
videodru: to see if they were aroused
videodru: you would have to get someone like, three fingers deep
videodru: to see if they were wet
Sashaman85: what
Sashaman85: oh
Sashaman85: so its not just metal dudes on the show
Sashaman85: its girls too?
videodru: and that would mean latex gloves
videodru: i guess
videodru: hypothetically
videodru: if some chick liked pantara
videodru: and wasn't a total lesbo
videodru: rugby player
videodru: or some shit
videodru: and in that case, would it really make a difference if there was a turtle swimming around where their brain used to be?
Sashaman85: i wish i was on that game right now
videodru: or, any metal music for that matter?
videodru: instead of like "death and destruction, we come from mount zion!"
videodru: the lyrics would be like "I like algae.....this ocean seems gonna live to be a hundred!"
videodru: "my home is on my back:
videodru: "
videodru: "dont flip me over!"

Wouldn't this be an improvement?

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