Sunday, November 05, 2006

Poison Ivy

Haha, funny story, turns out my new bf is named IVY, not AVI. I'm fucking ridiculous, but had the best weekend EVER.
In summary:
Went fucking to a GUN RANGE.:

Notice the cute boy's underwear. Saw True Romance, Predator, the Butterfly Effect, and the new Borat film. Climbed a fucking HUGE mountain in white heels!!! Then spent the rest of the day smoking up and spitting off a sheer 90 ft. drop that had been blasted out of the mountain with dynamite. Then we picked up a rock and watched as it careened, broke into five pieces on a ledge, then shot out fifty feet. It was fucking nuts.
Ate french toast, candy, hamburgers. Spent most of the weekend making reconse runs between bedroom and places where food/toilet was.
All in all, a wonderful weekend and a great excursion out of the city.
Intresting tidbit:
Ivy used to have a move he'd pull when getting into barfights at sixteen; he'd buy the asshole a drink, and when the bottle was up to the guy's lips, he'd smash it into his teeth. THATS SO FUCKING HARDCORE.
No wonder my boyfriend's in the mob.
Borat movie= pretty genius, although im not sure its worth the hype.
Now I'm working at the store.
Ivy said it's a goldfish bowl, and Im the goldfish.
Sweet. Totally rocking the good-feelings vibe. Too bad these things can generally only last for what? A week or two? then i go nuts.
PS: Since when was I such a fucking heffer in london?!

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EmLee said...

Since I actually cooked for you and you ate all my chocolate. But you always have a cute face.