Monday, November 27, 2006

Ok Go's progression and maturity in the realm of music videos

See, this sucks. Too many jump cuts, doesn't really fit in the rhythm of the piece, obviously trying WAAAAY to hard to do a Strokes/White Stripes hip non-seq. thing:

But this new video is SO GOOD. One shot, meaning they really had to get those moves DOWN. And if you've ever tried to fuck around on a treadmill before you know how hard it is. Brilliant in its simplicity, very Spike Jonze, "Praise You". One static shot, straight on, let the actions speak for themselves:

Okay, Im a loser for looking at OK GO vidoes during work, but I'm thinking if I cram this page with enough b.s. this morning it will make up for the first post-hangover post where I basically reveal that I'm the villain, even in my own life story.

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