Thursday, November 16, 2006


is my favorite show to clip/vlip.
So Yara is in Gawker

Obies doing great things, apparently. Like me, falling asleep at 2 am on Tuesday and waking up at 6pm on Wednesday. Is it chronic fatigue syndrome season already, or am I depressed?
Hopefully not the latter, because I woke up thanking god that my nightmare, in which I was back at college because I had failed some classes and was being forced to repeat them, was all a dream. Well, hopefully. Maybe its just Freddie (Krueger, not my ex-flatmate) trying to scare me to death. Boo!
Got my first two netflix: Hail Mary and Nightwatch. I'm going to get good and drunk and watch Godard's version of the Virgin Mary try to abort baby jesus in a gas-station stall tonight, and when Ivy comes tomorrow we will watch the Russian Vampire film.
Liz's mixes are getting me through the day. Too bad my speakers are mad busted at work.

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yaaaay mixes!