Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If god takes life he's an indian giver

reading Paul Auster's book about his dad and reflections on fatherhood. Not bad, but I found a free Jane mag on the subway this morning so I'm reading that instead.
Found two crumb comics in the store (both Mr. Naturals) so there's that too. I think people should leave magazines they are done with on the subway, its like a little present!
Last night I realized my job at the bar consists of getting paid in one dollar bills to let guys hit on me. The more they hit on me, the more dollar bills I get. This seems obvious, but seriously the more receptive I am, my tips go up exponentially. I've made over 100 bucks for five hours of work for the last three weeks straight. And now that Karebear is here, at least fifty percent of that awkward sexual attraction gets put on her! FUN! We read Fashion SWATS all last night, and even though we closed up super late, that hot guy dressed as a sailor asked for my digits.
So there's that. Too bad he ended up calling me two hours later while I was waiting for James to call back after we got caught off after two seconds of convo.
So I answered the phone with "what the FUCK, dude?!" and this guy was like "exCUSE me?"

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