Sunday, October 08, 2006

I believe in bugs

Ben Horne: We've lain a gala reception for your fair-haired boys tonight; all of Twin Peaks' best and brightest.
Jerry Horne: We're holding it in a phone booth?
Spent basically the entire weekend at Matt's because he has a wicked DVD collection and he makes lots of art and lets me glue my hands together and peel them off and pretend like thats art too.
We watched Twin Peaks and Dead Man. There is a tictac machine in his pad and you can pay 75 cents and eat really really old melted tictacs.
Watching Dead Man made me realize that Chrispin Glover probably really hates Johnny Depp for being able to pull of the "weirdo/recluse" thing and still be considered a hottie supserstar instead of a freak whose best known for being McFly's dad and freaking out Letterman.
Anyway: My mom woke me up to go see Spamalot at a ridiculous time yesterday to go see a matinee of Spamalot. I hate Broadway, I hate Times Square. Making me sit through broadway is roughly equivalent of strapping me in a chair and putting on a video of my thirteen year old self masturbating. I was cringing the entire time as everyone around me gasped and said "oh, this part!" during various recognizable scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad w/ the original cast (Hank Azaria, Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce) but as far as I could tell, the best this cast had to reccomend itself was that King Arthur was played by the Mayor from Buffy (best villian on the show, but still not really all that awesome) and that Lancelot really looked like Worth from the Cube and had pretty nice guns.
But then again, if you can put me in a situation where I find that someone DOESNT remind me of something from the Cube, I'll will give you a dollar.
Apparently everyone and there mother is moving/moved to the Dekalb area, which is fine as long as they aren't close enough for me to run into on the street when buying milk or stumbling home at three am singing Tommy. This place is already Oberlin-lite as is, especially when I ran into Ryan Snowe a couple nights ago outside GBM and thought he was Colin Gunn.
Im we-tawd-ed.

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