Wednesday, October 25, 2006

hot pants in style, don't let our world go wild

Liz and BT have back to back shows on WOBC between 12-2 on Wednesday. This makes me so happy.
Last night I was working at the bar when Cop Steve (from now on I think he will just be the predominent Steve because its too too confusing, plus he's not a cop) and Ryan came in. As I was closing, I lean over to give Steve a hug, and Max come bounding in, prompting me to exclaim, "awwww, i love you puppy!"
And Steve turns around and goes "thats the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me." Which I guess is the proper way to handle a situation where your friendly bartender hugs you, calls you puppy and told you that she loves you. Anyway, long story short we're going out tonight. SPent the rest of the night acting like an old Big Red commercial, except in the ghetto.

Now I'm back at work. I work such a fucking shitload. But i enjoy it.

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