Friday, September 08, 2006


So I got so fed up about the job today (they were supposed to get back to me TWO WEEKS AGO!) that I called up and said I had another offer and needed an answer by monday. Forcing the hand with a bluff is kind of a dumb idea, but I've been banking on this job and not really searching so I figure either way it will get my butt in gear instead of keeping me in this uber-depressing limbo. The guy sounded really positive though, and said he'll def. have an answer for me by monday. If I don't hear from them by then I will just.....I dunno. Go out for the job search, round two, I guess.
Um, so being in delaware SUCKS ASS and I'm totally depressed and demoralized but I still am glad that I came because its an excuse to lounge around in my pajamas and feel bad for myself while gaining weight and looking like shit and being bitchy. Okay, so that's my form of therapy. GET OFF MY BACK!

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