Saturday, September 23, 2006

The "cute" type of racist

I hope. Like when I told this dude that I liked him because his people are good at soccer. And live in Central America, which I then ammended to south america. Apparently Puerto Rico exists in neither of those venn diagrams. Also, comparing boy to Gabriel Garcia Marquez when I MEANT that dude from Y tu Mama was probably not the smartest move ever. But whatever, now I have a date tonight to see Science of Sleep so HOLLA AT MY IGNORANCE! Also, damn whatever happened to just referring to everyone as ambigously ethnic or "lataliatino". That one was my favorite. I think I have a "type" of guy that I find aesthetically pleasing and nonthreatening and luckily it is the same type of guy who always treats girls like ladies and takes them to see Massive Attack. So yea, still single out of desire, not necessity, but at least I have some people to make the wait more worthwhile.
Oh god, I sound like a prostitute. At least Im not as bad as my new buddy Kiwi who asked Brandon/Dennis last night if he would put his black seed in her. Then she grabbed my crotch and I told her she was the personification of American Apparell's relationship with Vice magazine and we all laughed and talked about twilight zone for awhile.
When the f- can I get my ass to oberlin? Apparently the answer is never. But I miss all my friends so so so much. Especially any female friends I ever had, cuz right now its between Kiwi and that coked up promoter chick and possibly my new boss because she gave me a computer. Also, I miss Sam Rauch and Grant Martin because they both seperately belong to minorities that I dont feel all nervous around cuz maybe I am sexist/genderist/racist/homophobic/retarded/really really slutty.
They were filming that damn Denzel movie down the street again and I was smiling at the PA's like I was ready to blow them for a part as an extra but then the New York Howl was playing at GBM and well gee they are my favorite band EVER so I went to see them.

Also: best myspace correspondance EVER!!!

Subject: you offered me pills
Body: saw you at goodbye blue monday. you found pills. you asked if they belonged to us, myself and the dudes i was with. you were dressed straight out of twin peaks. i think you watched some of our band's set but i'm not sure.
just saying hi. hi.

WOw when did I totally become self-actualized? Im like a goddamn funnybook with no more punchlines.

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