Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Parker Posey knew how to put on fake eyelashes by the time she was 9

And what have YOU accomplished today?
Slept in my new house for the first time last night. It was fucking. hot. as. balls.
I really need to get a working fan. Had weird dreams about circus freaks and woke up late. Train noises are soothing, not obnoxious. Jason is starting to compile materials for loft bed, but im not sure I want to be up in the rafters when its a sweltering 104 degrees.

Um, so like there is this boy? And he used to be an American Apparel model? But now he like, hates modern technology and does these backwards analogue projects that involve lots of tape cassettes and super eight footage? And we drank wine and smoked pot on the roof and talked about sensory depravation chambers and jumped from roof to roof even though there was this HUGE drop and I could have died? And we ate pizza and he taught me how to play the accordian and his cousin gave me this really old Polaroid camera and we listened to the Batman soundtrack on Vinyl? And then we did these Ambidextrous drawings with colored pencils and it was super fun and we drank whiskey and I felt like I was tripping?
Yea, so I think I have a crush.
PS I love Bushwick. What's there not to love? Rent is still really cheap, there is a nice subset of kids my age, but not an oversaturation of Williamsburg-y type folks, and you can hang out on roofs and watch the sunset while listening to Pink Floyd on one of those tiny cassette recorders like Kevin had in Home Alone. The roof to my apartment spans like, three rooftops and I'm pretty sure I want to start sleeping out there when its too hot to sleep indoors, so lets all break out our sleeping bags and have a midnight barbeque!
I finished reading Drop City, which sort of made me want to go out and be a hippie in Alaska, but then I thought better of it.
I do want to go camping though.
Im a couple days late on linking this but I think you guys should take a gander. It's like the sweaty smell of high school failure all over again!

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