Friday, August 04, 2006

Gentlemen start your engines

Yesterday in review:
Moved furniture with Chris out of his art studio to my place. Queens-Brooklyn in a car is like, 15 minutes. I wish the G line stood for something besides Ghetto, cuz then it would be way easier to make the commute instead of going all the way into the city and back up.
I got a nice HUGE tv, a window fan, this huge desk for my room and a coffee table. Oh and like six wooden folding chairs that are just sitting in my living room. Cable is coming on tuesday.
When we got to Bushwick Chris wanted to stop at Dunkin Donuts on Myrtle to get a coffee coolata (or however the fuck you spell it). We get out of the car and notice a big hububaloo across the steet, like they were filming a commercial for the most broke-ass club in the city. We get out of the car (on the OPPOSITE side of the street, totally legally parked and no one telling us to move, despite the fact that there are like eight grip guys or gophers or whatever doing crowd control directly in front of us). We are literally in the donut shop for FIVE MINUTES, and when we come out we have to chase down the tow-truck thats attached itself to our car. Apparently, they are filming a movie called American Gangster with Denzel and Russel Crowe, and the movie takes place in the 70's, so no minivans on the street. WTF? Is that even legal to tow a car when there was no one to tell us not to park there?
We were pissed, and I almost riled up enough people from 38 Lawton to go heckle the cast and throw cell phones at Crowe.

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B said...

Shit, does this mean that they are going to start looting, rioting and burning shit like they in '77, because I think that would be fun. I would certainly be an extra if I got to throw rocks at Popeye's.