Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ooh ee ooh ee jungle love!

Dear blog,
last night was a waste of time. Never been so bored. Except for all those other times, which were extremely boring. I farted in the middle but nobody noticed. That's all.
-ghostwritten by James Cole Abrams

This is what James wants for Christmas, btw:

Then Elise came over and I watched several hours of SVU. Yay Elise!
That show is pretty good, although once you get the rhythym of these cop shows, it just becomes a race to see whether you can figure it out before the idiot detectives. Of course, that's way easier when one of the twins in the episode is clearly a boy in drag. Then we watched an episode on Nip/Tuck that was about Siamese twins, and it was a metaphor for the relationship between the two doctors who were splitting up or something. It was a lot like Dead Ringers actually, with one of the doctors being the dominant, charming one who takes all the credit (Christian) and the other one (Not Christian....uh, Sean?) always being stuck in the shadows. Then they had a threesome with a prostitute. But they didn't overdose with Dilaudin in the end, so I guess it wasn't exactly the same. What is with doctors being gayletrons (sp?)
In other news.......I watch a lot of fucking television when I have the opportunity.


Spider Girl said...

ice-cream cone vagaina shaped flashlight with a cover. who wouldn't want one of those?

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